A+2000 Permanent Electrostatic Air Filter


The A+2000 Permanent Electrostatic Filter are truly a quality product, built to last a lifetime. Unlike some permanent air filters, the A+2000 uses NO FOAM that may clog, degrade and restrict air flow, so it can provide a lifetime of dependable service. And there are no metal parts that could lead to corrosion or oxidation within the filter. Cleans easily and effectively - No oil sprays or expensive cleaners required!

The A+2000 Permanent Electrostatic Filters are designed to provide a balance between adequate air flow and filtration. According to NAFA, resistance to air flow, called pressure drop, causes your unit to work harder, resulting in greater energy consumption and possible damage to your unit. In selecting an air filter, the most important consideration is the ability to remove from an air stream the greatest number of dust particles whose size is of most concern. How slow or fast an air filter reaches its capacity greatly affects resistance, because a filter’s resistance will increase as it captures particles. That’s why it’s important to have a filter with a good balance of resistance to air flow and adequate filtering capabilities. The A+2000 Permanent Electrostatic Filters are MERV 8 rated according to ASHRAE 52.2 standards.

 The secret behind the A+2000’s superior performance is its patented stage loading/peak and valley design. Instead of face loading (particles captured on the outer surface of the filter) the A+2000 uses stage loading, with each stage capturing progressively smaller particles inside the filter. This design enables the A+2000 to maintain its performance over the years.



  • Available in standard and non-standard sizes
  • Available depths 3/4", 1", 2”, 4” and 5"
  • May be use in residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Direct shipments available to your customer upon request
  • No hassle with outside sizing and assembling requiring valuable time
  • Filters for life! Full lifetime warranty for the lifetime of the original purchaser
  •  MERV 8 rated according to ASHRAE 52.2 standards
  • Contains electrostatically enhanced fibers to attract and retain particles
  • Available in UV Resistant Models


  • MERV 8 rated according to ASHRAE 52.2 standards
  • Maximum size 30”x48” or 24”x54” (for 1” and 2” only, larger filters available up to 24”x48”)
  • A+2000 filters that are installed in units with UV Light installation will only warranted if filter installed is the A+2000 UV Resistant Model


A+2000 Non-Standard Size


A+2000 UV Resistant


A+2000 12x12x1


A+2000 12x20x1


A+2000 12x24x1


A+2000 14x14x1


A+2000 14x20x1


A+2000 14x24x1


A+2000 14x25x1


A+2000 14x30x1


A+2000 16x16x1


A+2000 16x20x1


A+2000 16x24x1


A+2000 16x25x1


A+2000 16x30x1


A+2000 18x18x1