Fiberglass Panel Filters

Environet Fiberglass Panel Filters are constructed of moisture resistant industrial grade beverage board frame. The one-piece frame design ensures corner integrity during handling, installation, and operation. Dense and continuous glass is used to ensure maximum filtration.

The Environet Fiberglass Panel Filters contain double-skinned media designed to eliminate the need for scrim or metal retainers by building the strength requirements into the fiberglass.  

Environet Fiberglass Panel Filters are suitable for general filtration either alone or as a pre-filter for higher efficiency filters. Environet Fiberglass Panel Filters are MERV 4 rated according to ASHRAE 52.1-992 standards and are available in one and two inch depths.


  • Protects HVAC system coils from dirt and dust
  • Can be used as a prefilter to extend the life of higher efficiency filters
  • Particle - catching adhesive applied to media for greater dust - holding capacity
  • Lasts up to 30 days
  • MERV 4 rated
  • Available in one and two inch sizes


  • High Arrestance – premium grade fiberglass media cleans better than competitive filters
  • High Dust Holding Capacity – media coated with light adhesive to increase the amount of dirt filters hold
  • Frame Strength – continuous bond between the media and frame maximizes construction strength