Aprilaire 413

Aprilaire 413 Air Filters  are designed for high performance and contaminant-trapping ability.

  • Fits the Aprilaire Model 4400, Model 3410, and Model 2410 Air Purifiers
  • If you added the Upgrade Kit 1413 to your Aprilaire Model 2400 or Model 2140 you can also use the Aprilaire 413 Air Filters
  • Not for use with the Model 2250
  • High-efficiency MERV 13 rating
  • Genuine Aprilaire Self-Seal™ #413 ensures the best performance
  • Self-seal media ends provide seal to dramatically reduce air bypass

If you own an Aprilaire 3410 Air Purifier your event-based controller can also indicate when it’s time to change your Aprilaire 413 Air Filter.


SKU: 0215-A413
Aprilaire, Accordian Style, Media Replacement