Galvanized Mist Eliminator 16x25x2

Environet Mist Eliminators are designed for use in air handling systems that require the collection of oil mist water droplets. Oil mist in return air is often found in production machine shops. In supply air, water droplets may occur as carryover from cooling coils and evaporative media or unevaporated moisture downstream from humidifiers.

Mist Eliminators are constructed similar to the standard mesh filters with layers of media supported by a heavy frame. The Mist Eliminator has both expanded media and fine screen media layered in a way that will collect large amount of either oil or water. The Mist Eliminator also has three drain holes in both the top and bottom to allow proper drainage.

Environet Mist Eliminators are available in Aluminum, Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel. Each consists of 7 layers of expended media and three layers of screen. The Aluminum Mist Eliminator has aluminum screen, whereas the Galvanized Mist Eliminator and Stainless Steel Mist Eliminator both have galvanized screen.

Environet Mist Eliminators are available in both stock and special sizes as well.

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Mist Eliminator Uses:

  • Collection of oil mist
  • Collection of water droplets


  • Maximum Temperature (see data sheet)
  • Available in a variety of widths from 2” to 12”
  • Available in non-standard sizes
  • Quantity discounts available
  • All filters will be made exactly as ordered unless a stock part number is used or “nominal” is indicated on the order. Special sized filters, ordered wrong, cannot be returned.


SKU: 0515G-16252
Mist Eliminator, Oil Mist, Galvanized, 16x25x2