Odor Sanitizer Charcoal Pleated Filter 10x20x1

The Odor Sanitizer Extended Surface Charcoal Pleats are designed for the removal of fumes, odors and pollutants. The Odor Sanitizer utilizes unique two stage filtration technology making odor control and filtration easy in the most challenging environments. 

The Odor Sanitizer synthetic media is pleated in order to increase the amount of carbon available in a panel filter. This creates millions of square feet of adsorption surface area to trap noxious gases. While also providing higher efficiency with less resistance to airflow than standard panel filters. The Odor Sanitizer media is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, does not absorb moisture and will not support microbial growth.

Odor Sanitizer filters fit into existing filter housings so fume and odor control is available without costly retro-fitting or expensive housings and fans. The Odor Sanitizers are MERV 8 rated according to ASHRAE 52.2 standards and are available in one, two and four inch depths.


  • Synthetic Media infused with fine carbon powders
  • Controlled pleat spacing maximizes surface area
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Moisture resistant
  • Does not promote microbial growth
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • Fit into existing filter housings
  • MERV 8 Rated
  • Available in one, two and four inch sizes


  • 1” Odor Sanitizer Extended Surface Charcoal Pleats have 16 pleats per linear foot - 12 filters per case
  • 1" Odor Sanitizer Extended Surface Charcoal Pleats are 12 per case and must be purchased in case quantities. 


SKU: 02OS-10201
02OS-10201, Charcoal, Odor, Pleat, 10x20x1